need specs for WR's and advice


can anyone give me some webpages that contain the specifications of either the WR400/426 or yzf's for about 98-00 years.

also i would like to know how different the performance of the WR's and yzf's are for the same years? As i'm thinking about purchasing either a WR or yzf i find it hard to choose,

also are the any years that were flawed with problems, i've heard various things such as the ealier WR's had rod problems and the 426 had a gearbox problem and such? any advice would be greatly appreciated


FOR A WEB PAGE WITH THE SPECS, TRY YAMAHAUSA.COM if you want a mx bike and a tight woods bike, go for a yz...if price is a concern, try finding a good used 2002yz426f. i think the 02 model yz and wr are about the best deal you can find...around $3000.00........ if your looking for a trail bike/dirt bike look at the "TTR's".....but if your looking for a competetion off road bike that will scream with just a few modifications....but also requires the "MAINTNENCE" OF A COMPETETION BIKE...try a 02 WR426 or 04WR450. I would stay away from the 03 models....just my 2cents worth.

Get a WR400, it is basically maintenence free, and will keep up with a 426 if you do a few basic modifications, and it will beat a 450 If you modify the crap out of it (like I did to mine) My WR400 weighed in at 285, ready to ride, full tank of gas, with a full aluminum skid plate, brake disc guards, 22 pound rear tire, heavy duty tubes... Basically, My bike is as heavy as they can get. the WR400 is 252 pounds stock, and the YZF400 is 245 pounds stock. The WR is a much better bike, due to the wide ratio transmission, and lights (all of the bodywork can be interchanged between the YZF 400/426's and WR 400/426's.

waterdog3 - your a dreamer 02yzf for $3000... not here in australia, maybe in the US where your dollar is worth a bit more...

i definitely wouldn't want a ttr i really dislike them, their handling is so crap across sand at top speed and i want something with a bit more bulls and power.

so it's between the WR and YZF's

i still can't decide i guess i'll just get the bike when a good one pops up, whether it'll be a WR or YZF -

thanks for the reply guys.

also that specs page is good, but i was more after specs for the earlier years. and thanks for telling me about the 03's

sweet i just realised you can do comparisons from ealier models from the specs page, cheers mate :tup:

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