17inch Rims Wanted!

Over here in the bright 'n' shiny England UK a set of nice 17" Talon rims sets me back £750 pounds, over $1000. These prices are ridiculos! I want to Super Moto my WR 400, Its not very easy to be a millionair in your spare time and after spending £4000 on my bike I'd Kinda like to ease off on the wallet (being 16yrs old!) Any suggestions Guys?

Your Help would be much appreciated

Cheers Tom Ireland

try taking the wheels out of production road bikes they are light & cheap, that's what most clubmen do.

also look for TZ wheels in the comic every wednesday.


Taffy is right...

Fittment of a set of used sport bike wheels is the cheapest solution to your question.

Perhaps Taffy will assist you in getting the wheel centerlines, brake hangers, sprocket offset right.

It is slightly time consuming but this might be cheaper for you than lacing up a set of wheels...

Good F'in Luck...


check the relative swingarm gaps

scribe a line across the swingarm to the rim on both sides.

measure the distance to the YZ rims & work it from there.

always use the road wheel spindle dia.

measure the distance in again to the brake disc & the rear sprocket & get the next set to match.

the rear sprocket & front can run 4/5 mm out of line if needs be. my 680SSS duke had the sprockets 15mm out of line. after some lathe work it's down to 4mm now & runs fine.


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