White Bro's Carbon Pro Exhaust

Hey guys rode the 450 for the first time with the Carbon Pro Exhaust. Had it jetted as well. Let me tell you. It went from Bad Azz to Super Bad Azz. I cannot believe this bike now. Easier to start, runs better overall and not once did i need the hot start while I rode. Stalled her like 2-3 times and she fired right up without hot start. Definetly A++++++. If your looking to get an exhaust for your bike i would highly recommend the White Bro's carbon pro exhaust.

Isn't that their motorcross exhaust? I've tried the White Bros. aluminum Pro and wasn't real thrilled with it. It made a little bit more power over stock but it was extremely LOUD. At the time there wasn't any way to quiet it either.

I had visions of the ranger sitting back by my pipe with his decibel meter and me blowing his hat off of his head.

The carbon exhaust I've heard is just awesome on the YZ 450. (it should be for $900)

I have the Carbon Pro on a YZF250 and the thing is LOUD. You could drop a beer can in the silencer opening.

I have the E2 pipe on my WR and it is a nice quiet pipe.

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