Any one knows a good place to buy Yamaha parts on the net? Seams like this is the site to ask! :) Used or new parts

I need a case cover for 00 yz 426 and the number plates! I from Roanoke VA and our dealer hear is always too busy, every thing takes for ever and the price is usually stiff!

Any one can give me tips in replace the case cover? Is that a big job?

Thanks for any reply :D

Don't ever buy anything from bike bandit dot com!!!! I have posted my whole story on this forum in Late Feb. Check it out and spend your hard earned bucks with someone that really cares about you!!!! Just my opinion

they've been good to me... another place i have ordered from countless times when i owned a honda was they were good to me

Try No problems at all except for the occasional backordered part here and there and their prices are great! I saved 45% on a complete rebuild by buying from them verses my dealer for OEM parts.


Never seen anything cheaper.

:D Thanks for the posting! Hear is the comparison of the price of the case cover for a yz 426 part number # 5JG-15431-00-00. Remember I am only looking for a OEM Yamaha part

1) The dealer in my city $228.00 :D

2) $218.71

3) $180.07

4) $162.06

5) $151.77 :worthy: in the site go at delar sevice, part finder

Unbelievable!!! I love without you guys I was getting rape! I hope some one can use this guide to save some serious money, keeping posting your finds :)

:) Thumpertalk

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