Sunday - Wrentham, MA

Wrentham, MA. Sunday Morning. Anyone interested?

I might be Salty. I was invited on a ride in northern ma this weekend for sunday. If that falls through, I'm there. Maybe PM me your cell # or something.

I would but my bike is not registered, and I'd prefer not to be hassled. Looking to street reg though...would my purchase of an ORV plate hinder the process to register for the street in any way?

I am not sure if an off road plate would give you a problem when you went to road register it. You should definitely do one or the other befor you ride in a state forest. Get that thing on the road and we will hook up with TimBRP.

zx7rye, if you need any help getting that sucker registered, let me know. I have the whole process outlined for Mass. Go get an ORV plate for the time being! Furthermore, get the bike registered prior to buying any D.S. kit. Would be a pity to spend the $500 on one and have issues at the registry...yah know?

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