Wr250 compared to Wr450

Is the Wr450 twice as fast as the Wr250? I am planing on buying one of these bikes. I have an 04 TTR 250 now and am bored with its performence. Especcially power wise. Should i jump up to the wr450? how much faster is the ttr250 compared to the wr250?

Both bikes are great. I had the same hard decision to make. The 450 is a little heavier but not much. It really depends upon your size, weight and riding style.

There was only a $400 price difference between the bikes for me and I decided to get the 450 because I wanted the power and did not want buyer's remorse that I should have gone for the bigger bike. Both bikes will rip a lot more than your current bike.

At first I found the 450 to be a monster. Top heavy too. I then got the bike lowered and revalved. Put a YZ tank and seat on it and I am perfectly happy with how the bike handles. The bike turns well in the tight stuff and has so much power it can climb anything.

My guess is that most guys in this site will recommend the 450.

I hate to say this but if money was no object and you had a dealer close to you, KTM also makes nice 300 and 400 cc bikes that might be more in between the two Yamahas. For me, I am true blue and have no regrets that I got a great bike.

Good luck

You can't go wrong with the 450. It has a lot of power yes but can be as tame or as wild as you want it to be all depends on how far you twist the throttle

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