My Mod Experience and a Big Thanks to TT

The internet is a wonderful thing! Having been out of motorcycling for 20+ years (grew up dirt biking, MXing, Enduroing and Street riding) I jumped out and bought an 05 TTR125 (for the kids) and an 05 WR450. Shortly after the purchase I stumbled on TT. You guys are great! I can't thank you enough for the collective wisdom and advice and have spent a lot more money than I want at the TT store but they do have the best prices and great service. I wanted to pass on my experience with the mods for anyone that cares to hear from a definite amateur:

Throttle Stop: bought the YZ for $10 at the dealer. Touchy to install, working blind with limited access but very doable. An immediate must MOD!

TT AIS Removal: Not hard at all, didn't remove radiator, just unbolted it and stuffed hoses, minimum skinned knuckles but everything fit great. Plastic fitting takes patience.

JD Jetting: Great Kit, very hard to work on carb without removing but I did it. Lots of twisting, all the parts fit great though. Good instructions.

ZipTy Screw: Had to stop work and logon to figure out the aluminum blocking the hole but then twisted a small sheet metal screw in the hole and pulled it right out. Spring, washer and Oring fell right out and installed perfectly.

Grey wire: Hard to get to the connector but ended up cutting the wire, taping both ends and re-taping the whole thing back in place.

ProMoto Billet: Easy to remove stock "peashooter", easy to install Billet. Remember to enlarge hole per instructions. It's a little louder than stock but certainly not too loud.

Enduro Eng. Handguards: Takes a little work adjusting cables etc., cutting grips (but I didn't take them off) but they are great! Solid and a must for the kids bike. (I never fall :) )

Unabiker Radiator Guard: Never had a 4 stroke, must less a radiator, but it seemed like a must. Please follow instructions explicitly. (They mount next to frame) or they won't fit and can cause a little swearing. Put them on right and they are great. Buy some bigger washers, don't know why they scrimp on that.

Utah Skid Plate: Mounted very easily, didn't have any problems with the clamps and it sure is good protection. Adds a little noise but you get used to it quickly.

BlueRidge ToolKit: Ordered the number 2 set (just ordered, haven't received) and it looks great. Expensive but not more than I would pay if I was broke down on the trail and needed tools!

Suspension: I'm now entering that field and there's a whole lot to learn. I adjusted all clickers to what the manual said they should be (they weren't set to what they should be, not far off but a few clicks here and there), let the air out of the forks and tightened up the rear sag. I'll be spending more time on these adjustments I know.

I've now got a real bike that is a lot different from the one I bought a month ago. Went riding the other day and a guy on a WR450 came up and said "I can't believe how easy your bike started cold". All I could say was Thanks again to everyone on the forum and to the forum owner.

Now if anyone read to the end of this message, I have a question I haven't read about. My manual says 95 octane and the most I see around is 92. Any comments?

92 / 93 octane is fine, whatever the highest pump ratind you have available.

Congrats on the work and enjoy!

This was covered a lot on the old forum before the upgrade. The octane formula they use for the 95 in the manual is not the same one used in the states. Pump gas is just fine.

...Now if anyone read to the end of this message, I have a question I haven't read about. My manual says 95 octane and the most I see around is 92. Any comments?

Buy the best you can find. I have always used 92 with zero trouble.

Where do you get Blue Ridge toolkits from?

I've got an 05 WR450 for me and an 05 TTR-125 for my fiance. Have you done anything with the TTR? I must say that I do enjoy riding the TTR around. :) When you get some more money that's burning a hole in your wallet, also try the Twin-Air powerflow kit and a Boysen Quickshot AP cover. I've also got a Yosh system on order. It never ends does it. Ditto on the gas, I use 93 octane.

Yes Fredneck, it does seem to never end! Thanks for the tips for the next mods but I think I need to convince myself that it is running just fine for my level of riding and I need to quit buying stuff! The only thing I have done to the TTR is to rejet per the TT forum suggestions, installed the Enduro Eng. handguards and bought an aluminum billet endcap from Ebay to replace the stock silencer endcap. My son says it makes a difference but I haven't ridden it enough to tell. My son and daughter have plugged around on it for a couple of hundred miles, winding the engine incredibly high because they are just learning to shift, falling a hundred times, and otherwise stressing it out completely and it just takes it all. Seems like a great learning bike. I'm having lots of fun and am so glad I bought the WR 450 because it is one great bike. Makes me feel young again and that is priceless!

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