Magnetic Drain plug for 450?

I have been drivin' myself nuts trying to find a magnetic drain plug for my 03 YZ450. All I have found are ones for the 426 and they aren't similar. Anybody have one? What brand is it?


the late model YZ's use the same plug

When you say late model YZ's, are you talking like 03 - 05 yz250 2 strokes or what? Do you know brand they are?

I believe 98-05 YZ and YZF have the same plug.

I don't think so....the magnetic plug from my '98 400 wouldn't fit in my '05 450. They aren't the same.... :) is the correct info

01-05 YZ/WR 250F & 03-05 YZ/WR 450F - same plug

98-02 YZ/WR 400F-426F - same plug

98-05 Yamaha YZ 125/250 - same plug

sorry for the bad info :)

Check w/ your dealer (GYRT Part). You can go to Yamaha's site and look up the part number.

Check w/ your dealer (GYRT Part). You can go to Yamaha's site and look up the part number.

I found my magnetic drain and frame plug on ebay. You could dig around there if you liked.


yeah the have them on e-bay. Thanks for the reminder i need to get a magnetic one for mine as well.

As he said, I use a zip - ty, you will be amazed at what they pick up. Their site is very easy to follow. JOB SORTED

zip-ty racing sells them.

:):D one of the strongest!!

Thanks for all the help fellas, may this fountain of knowledge never end...

This got me thinking - has anyone ever seen a magnetic drain plug for the downtube oil tank on YZs? I've never seen one but thought it might be nice to have.

Never found anything dirty in there yet, + we/you change the oil alot.

i bought some of the NdFeB magnets like all the manufacturers use, then i buy a stock plug, and drill it out to accept the magnet. or just use the bolt from your bike. a new bolt is like $2.75, the magnets are 2 bucks. every bit as good as what you can buy, but no need to part with fifteen bucks. i put them in all my bikes and cars. the magnet is a cylinder 1/4" across, by 1/4" tall

if anybody wants a magnet to do it for themselves, e-mail me at the magnets are $2, and its about $1 to ship.

paypal is ok, just dont send a private message, i dont check them often enough.


That's what I've done to all my bikes in the past and present and I've done it for plenty of friends as well since the magnets only cost me $1 each, but I mostly use a 0.250" X 0.50" cylinder magnets. I drill the hole just slightly smaller, put a dab of JB Weld in there and carefully press them in. They as good as the ones that retail for $20 :)

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