I Bought Another Pig...

I started with the original pig, the '80 XL500. Then I upgraded to an '86 XL600R. I was just starting to add to my list of mods when I found my newest pig, a '93 XR600 with all the mods I was going to do to the XL. It already has an Ohlins shock, Excel wheels, 200w stator, re-valved cartridge forks, IMS tank, Pro Taper bars, Scott steering damper (which I had just ordered for the XL - now I have a spare), chain guide and disc guard.

I know that a group of cows is a herd, lions are a pride, crows are a murder.... So, what the heck do I have?

...some kind of 80's retro swine museum. Add a XR300, move it out to Pahrump-get some dude with a mullet to run the show-pipe in some Blondie or The Knack and charge admission?

You could sell maps to the madams...t-shirts with pictures of Art Bell and Bruce Ogilivie racing XRs against an alien on a KTM?

I swear i would buy one.....of those maps!

Well, I am not keeping the 'retro swine museum'. The XL500 is for sale at my brother's house and after I get the XR street legal, I will most likely unload the XL600 to one of a couple of friends in need on the cheap.

BTW, I just did a Yahoo search and came up with the following names for a group of swine : Drift, Drove, Singular, Sounder, Team, Passel, Parcel, and for piglets : Litter, Farrow.

Any pix of the oldies???(bikes that is)

A bunch of old bikes?????????

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