Clutch Replacement Procedure?

I am about to replace the clutch on my 03 for the first time and was wondering if anyone had a "walkthrough" with pictures similar to what Wrooster did for lubing the linkage? I just don't want to mess things up, and although I have the manual sometimes seeing it in live color helps a bunch. Also, what is the difficulty rating of doing this? I just want to know what to expect before I tear in. Thanks for the info.

It's not difficult and the manual should be all you need.

This is from memory, so if anyone sees anything I missed feel free to jump in.

Put your new friction plates in clean oil to soak them. Drain your radiator.

1. Pull your brake lever.

2. Pull the oil tube from the bottom and top of the side cover

3. Remove the bolts from the side case. Look closely at the bolts. There are two long bolts on the round side cover (mounted on the side case) that go all the way to the side case. Document what bolts go where because some are different.

4. Remove the side cover (you may need to move the oil passage at the bottom out of the way).

5. Remove the 6 bolts and springs that hold the pressure plate on. Then remove the pressure plate. There is a ball bearing in the center of the small push rod in the center of the pressure plate, so make sure you don't let it fall out.

6. Remove the friction plates and clutch plates. Keep your clutch plates in order. BTW, I'm not sure if this is necessary but just to make sure. (the metal ones)

7. Assuming you're replacing the clutch spring and base plate, remove them. Pay attention to the direction of the spring.

8. If you're replacing the clutch boss, you'll need a strap wrench and impact wrench to get the nut off, but if not, skip this step.

Put it all back in reverse order, except replace with your new friction plates. If I'm correct about this model, there is one friction plate that is different than the rest, and it goes on next to the inner hub (first one to put on).

9. Torque the bolts to the specs.


Thanks for the instructions, everything seemed to go exactly as you said except for one thing. Since one of my friction plates was smaller their was a metal ring that was the last thing to come out. I left it in and couldn't get the clutch to work, I realized that the EBC kit doesn't have a smaller friction plate so it was causing extra width that wasn't letting the throwout bearing do it's job against the pressure plate. I removed it and it is working fine, with the exception of my Magura but that is because the new plates are wider than the old one's so I just need to put some washers in to fix that.

Does anyone know what that metal ring is? I can't find a single reference to it in the manual, very strange.... :)

It sounds like you're talking about the base plate (see #7 above). The instructions were based on OEM parts, so I don't know if the EBC kit is the same or not. The base plate is a the metal ring that is the same size as the clutch spring and fits between the spring and the inner hub (boss). This is to prevent the spring from pitting the inner hub. That is also why the first friction plate has a bigger inner hole, so that it fits over the spring and base plate and makes contact with the inner hub. It sounds like the reason it didn't fit is because you didn't have the first (inner) friction plate. If your first friction plate is resting against the spring, then it won't fit with the base plate. The spring will also pit the first friction plate in a short amount of time. You probably should check this out good, because you may have problems later if I'm understanding your post correctly.


That seems to be a good idea of what is going on but like I said I didn't see a differently sized friction plate among them. Maybe I overlooked it but I am not sure. I wish someone that had replaced an 03 450F clutch with an EBC unit would come on here and let me know how they did it. I really don't want to take it apart again, I have gotten very fast at it though.

UPDATE: I just went out and took it all apart and laid out all the friction plates and as I expected, none have a larger inner diameter than the others. I put her back together and the clutch seems to be working fine like it was last night so I am not sure what to think at this point. I doubt I just got a "bad" item from EBC that didn't have the one odd plate. From what I have heard (after I bought the EBC) is that it will go bad pretty quick so I may be throwing OEM plates very soon so I will definitely be getting the odd plate once I do, let's just hope things don't self destruct in my motor before then! :)

Go here and select your model bike. It will give you a decent parts breakdown. It appears that the 03 is a little different (I have an 00426 with an 01 mod). In fact, I can't see the base plate or clutch spring at all on this diagram, yet what you describe sounds like you have one. Using the same website, take a look at the 01 Model 426 and see if yours doesn't look like that. I'm a bit confused too (isn't the first and won't be the last time). But, based on what I'm looking at on this diagram, you are probably good to go, because if you weren't, there would be too much play in the cable. Maybe your kit requires one less plate?????


I think I have everything figured out now. My bike, along with most 03's had a very chattery clutch when they came from the factory. I had the local Yamaha shop put in some parts to fix the issue and that has to be where the metal ring came from. So the clutch kit I had was correct but instead I went in, swapped the first friction plate from the EBC kit with my old one (odd shaped) and could still use the metal ring for what it was intended for. I am not sure how it would have worked without doing it this way or if it would "chatter" but 8 out of 9 plates being new is better than none I guess. I may go in and replace the whole setup with OEM plates, but I will be sure to get a set from a 01 426 possible later model so I get one that is odd shaped.

I will tell you one positive thing about all this, I never even saw a dirtbikes clutch before and now I can tear one down and put it back together in under 10 minutes! I guess it's good to find something positive in everything right? :)

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