Rekluse auto clutch spacer?

I saw a thread saying that a spacer is required but not included with the kit but the thread was from over a year ago plus I read that the clutch and be inproved (third gen?). Does anyone know if I will need a spacer to install the clutch on my 02 WR426? :)

You may need the larger diameter throw out ball spacer but you can get that anywhere to adjust your clutch idle engagement position along with the correct spring. :)

Thanks Indy I called Rekluse (side note it was sure nice to have someone answer that actually rides and not just some sales person) and he said if I order the kit and the purch adjuster I will be all he wrong? Where does the ball spacer go and why do I need a larger one? Does the spring that comes wiht the kit not work??

Sorry about all the questions just want to do the job once and correctly :)

You will be fine with the perch adjustor kit. Without the perch adjustor you woulsd need the larger spacer ball for proper position. I think the ball is not part of the kit but it allows you to set the cable slack to compensate for a smaller stock ball. I run the stock ball with my set up due to the cable length set up I am using. No problems! :)

Cool! Thanks for the info Indy. Should have it middle of next week, looking forward to trying it out! :)

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