XRL Shift Lever Notch Cause For Worry? Solution?

The shift lever on my '93 XRL has apparently lost it's integrity; I keep bending it out and it keeps going back in. I've got an MSR lever coming to replace it, but I'm worried about the notch that the old shifter has ground into my case (link to pic below) -- that in a good fall the shifter will punch through this weakness.

Do I have reason to worry, and if so, what can I do about it?


Its been my luck that in a "good fall" that shifter or rock etc goes through that cover no matter how much of a notch you already have. Yours doesn't look that deep, although a little hard to tell. I wouldn't worry about it as there's lots more things that could go wrong, just make sure your new shifter doesn't continue the old ones course. My .02, good luck and happy riding.

Looks like mine.

I would rather replace it when it leaks or breaks. With my luck it I would replace it and then have a nice get off and end up putting the original back on because it doesn't leak.

I wonder if it might be a good precaution to superglue a piece of sheetmetal over the "rub spot" ... ?? ...(I must have too much sheetmetal on my hands, I'm always stickin' it everywhere) ...

Have you been in my garage taking pictures of my bike? :) Don't make me call the police. :D I think that it a common problem for the "L". I just keep bending it back out. If I shift too hard I bend the shifter. If the new lever works well post it with the pt# so we can get one that works.


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