Gel gloves

Anyone know where to get gloves with gel palms or something to help vibration (left hand)?

For riding? :)

Haha, I'm right handed. Otherwise I would just slow down. :)

I've found mx gloves to be pretty low-tech, I come from a mountain biking background and the gloves they offered were better! :)

Specialized offers these gloves and many others with gel in the palms...they also had a m.d. design the palm to avoid nerve and numbness problems.

Body Geometry Gloves

Our approach is simple. With the help of internationally noted ergonomics designer Roger Minkow, M.D., we've developed a series of products that create medically proven solutions to many of the soreness, numbness and dysfunction problems that have plagued cyclists for more than a century.

Two Proven Antidotes to Hand Numbness

Studies estimate that nearly half (40%) of all cyclists suffer from numbness and weakness problems in their hands. Of these, three out of four problems are caused by pressure on the ulnar nerve, which supplies sensation to half the rider's ring finger and the entire pinky. Also a problem is pressure on the median nerve, which produces Carpal Tunnel symptoms.

The Body Geometry glove concept is simple: get rid of the rest of the padding - which does nothing to address the actual problem, anyway - and concentrate it instead where it does the most good, dissipating pressure against the rider's ulnar and median nerves.

Which is exactly what they do. Body Geometry Gloves are designed with a foam/gel pad combination strategically placed to eliminate ulnar and median nerve pressures. The design also helps prevent hyperextension of the wrist, which can produce weakness and/or numbness as well. Because padding needs are different for road and mountain biking, Dr. Minkow's glove designs are application-specific, too.

Might be worth looking into (or at least mountain bike gloves in general) most of the gloves are a lot cheaper than the ones I linked...those are the top of the line.

Thats what I needed. Thanks

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