Uncorked or power up???

O.K. probaly a dumb question but, is uncorking and a power up kit the same thing or not?? :)

A question that gets confused quite often my friend. Uncorked refers to removal of the exhaust baffle thingee and the smog pump (on California bikes), replacement of the stock intake manifold with a larger one, and larger jetting along with needle adjustments. Now, this is ALSO sometimes called the "Power-Up Kit," but the REAL power up kit ALSO includes a higher compression piston along with other thingees that are usually not necessary....that is unless you plan on beating the Campbell/Hengeveld team in this year's Baja 1000. The last time i looked at www.hrcusa.com there was some information, but I don't know for sure :)

Yes and No, uncorking is what must be done to make the BRP run right. Because of CARB and the AQMD Honda has to restrict the bike to sell it here in California.

The power up kit is used for both the kit to uncork the BRP and the HRC kit. Which makes things real confusing. The Power up also known as the HRC kit is a 11:1 piston, a stage one type cam, heavy duty cam chain, giving the bike another 8 horsepower over an un-corked bike, this is what the bike was going to be if it was not for the smog laws.

Horsepower to the ground; Stock and corked 34~36hp. Uncorked stock 44hp, header, free flowing muffler, holes in side cover, Uni type air filter, 47hp with a pumper carburetor 48~49hp. HRC kit, 52hp, 680cc with all the extra's 52~58hp. At the engine horsepower for the same modifications would be 44hp Stock and corked, 55hp Uncorked stock, 60hp with all the modifications, 64hp HRC kit, 72hp for the fire breathing 680cc bike with everything.

To find out what the engine horsepower is at the crank (called braking horsepower or bhp; it's what Honda uses to advertize there bikes) Take the rear whell horsepower and multiply it by .25 Like this Uncorked bike is 44hp X .25 = 11hp 44+11=55hp Honda gives for what the engine puts out. To the ground horsepower or rear wheel horsepower is what you get from a Dynamometer (Dyno).

That is why you will see numbers like 64hp or 70hp from the XR650R they are talking about what the engine puts out at the crank not through the transmission to the rear wheel.

All about the XR650R Click Here: :)

Thanks guys . I thought thats what it was. I'm looking for a bike and seen alot of them say power-up kit. Now that gives me questions to ask. Thanks again

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