I just have one question, do you find yourself as a passenger in a car watching the land roll bye trying to pick your lines? Assesing the fastest, best course for your bike. I do almost everywhere. Bye the way, I have a complete machine shop at my disposal and there have been a few "government" jobs slipped in here and there. Your not alone!

yes, yes, yes!!!! Thats me. I even drive around and mark snowmobile trails on the map to explore them during the summer to see where else I can go. I have a shop at work, but I would perfer to do it at home. I can operate any ac/dc cc/cv welder, a lathe or a milling machine. The only time I really enjoy it is when I am reating something for myself. I could spend days at work making stuff for me.

Originally posted by mike68:

I think I have a problem.

You are not alone bud. But it ain’t a bad problem to have IMO. Obsessing over riding is far healthier than obsessing over:

Your job.

Your paycheck.

Your coworkers’ paycheck.

Your biceps and quads and all those other body parts that guys in gyms stare at in the mirror for hours.

Another guy’s biceps and quads etc.

A woman.

Another guy’s woman.

Your ATV

Some other guy’s ATV and the (supposedly) endangered weed he is (allegedly) riding over.

So don’t fight it man. The more you visualize yourself riding the better you will get, the better you get the more fun you will have, the more fun you have the more time you will spend visualizing…

Just keep it amongst the brethren so to speak (i.e. don’t try and explain this to your significant other, parents, boss, coworkers etc.) and you will have no problems. You will have to make a concerted effort to avoid letting Dirt Bikes dominate every conversation you have, so keep a few “sport of the moment” factoids on file, simple things like, “The Bulls suck” or “The Rangers overpaid for A-Rod” (you don’t even need to know what “A-Rod” is, just that it ain’t something for your thumper).

I would offer up some tidbits about current events and Survivor II for those less-manly conversations but, sadly, I don’t have any (while working on my bike the other night I DID overhear something on television about us bombing Iraq, but that was probably on the History Channel).

Otherwise the folks you hang with who DON’T ride will grow tired of hearing about the RC 450, 20” wheels and how Yamaha started a four-stroke revolution with the YZF/WR 400 (you mean they don’t already know that? Shouldn’t we tell them then?).

A final suggestion is you may just want to roll with the PR punches, so to speak. Instead of trying to convince doubters that you are NOT insane, do NOT have a death wish, and that skiing is JUST as dangerous as riding, just go with it. Let them think you are crazy, soon they will leave and then you can ride and swap stories with other crazy people just like you.

And me.


I started to read your post I began to think I was loosing my mind because I didn't rember placing it. I too was of dirt bikes for 15yrs. and got back on it last year on a TTR 250 and I just got a WR 426. I don't have any good spills yet though. This has been the longest winter of my life! I have put all kinds of stuff on my bike and have spent about 24hrs. working on it. My wife thinks I am nuts spending so much time on a NEW bike. All I talk about is riding and how sick I am of this weather. I read TT about 20x a day and open the door to my garage 10x a day to look at my bike. While riding in the car I look at every land feature woundering how much fun it would be to hit it on my bike. I dream about a perfect garage stocked to the gills with spare parts.

HI, my name is Doug and I'm a bike-Aholic. I see I am not alone. When I'm not riding, I'm always thinking about riding or reading about it here on TT.

Can you imagine what life would be like without these big blue toys? What else would get us through work / winter / school / church ...would life be worth living? Could we find some other use for those lovely mountains, deserts, washes and dunes? Who knows, maybe we'd become tree huggers after all.

Since we are having confession hour I guess I will chime in. Hi my name is Paul and I too am addicted to bikes. I come to TT to get my daily dose "Whats Up". I was off bikes for several years then fell off the wagon and have been having a blast ever since. Hey Aftershock, how did you do at the Quicksilver enduro? My concentration is not what it once was either. Oh well, just relax and enjoy the ride....You could be far far worse off. Thank God you are a biker and not a Trekke, stamp collector, or worst of all a tree hugger. Those people are really sick! :)

pmaust, I did not make it to Clear Creak. I spent Valitine's Day in the emergency Room. I got blood poisioning from the poison oak I caught in the Holister race. My wrist swelled up like a baseball and had a red line that ran from my wrist past my bicept (not good). I received two big jungle fever shots in my A$$ (I'm still reminded of them). I asked the Doc if I could still race sunday and he just laughed ( he's not one of us). I will definetly make it to Livermore, hope to see you there. :)

The wife always said my mid-life crisis would be a blonde.....3 early '70's Hodakas & a 2000 WR400 later, I've proved her wrong! Mike, move to Arizona; we addicts ride here all year 'round! cheers, bobwombat.

mike68, it is our drug of choice. There are a lot worse vices out there. I have been addicted to dirt bikes for 30 years. I had it so bad, I moved from the GWN to AZ at 18 so I could ride year round. Then I moved to SoCal, the Mecca of Motocross.

I haven't had a dirt bike in 15 years. I bought a TTR250 in September last year. I ordered a 426 in November. I crash every time I ride. Over backwards, over frontwards and every way in between. The problem I am having is I can't stop thinking about riding (or reparing). I am having a hard time focusing on my job becuase it is now an interference. I think I need help to put thing into perspective. Is it not just a dirt bike? I now want to buy a bench top lathe, a lincoln econo tig 175 and a milling machine, Just so I can make little things for my baby with 2 wheels. I think I have a problem.

Back to car riding...

I love to jump the three hundred foot overpasses on the expressways.


You guys sure know how to make a guy feel at home. I am not alone!!

My name is Mike and I too am a bike-acholic

Thanks fellas.


Damn, I'm not alone. I too took a brief hiatus back in '91 after a nasty divorce forced me to sell my three girlfriends. I tried to forget them, really I did. I even tried racing mountain bikes. That helped a little, but every time I was on the freeway I would always see a pickup truck with a girlfriend, I mean dirt bike in the back. Alas, I could stand no more. I'm remarried, and have two girlfriends once again. Haha. I've even tried to get my wife to ride the girlfriend (girl on girl), but she didn't care for her.... Jealous I guess. What to do.... :)


Do you find yourself driving down the road thinking, "I could ride there", "I wonder if my trialer would fit in there?", "Are there any trespassing signs?", "That looks like an awesome jump", "OOO..OOO powerlines..." :)


JJ from WA - 99 WR; WR timed, EKN Needle, Scotts stabalizer, Scotts triple clamps, Pro-Tapers, Michelin S-12's, Terry Cable hot start, MSR Raptor clutch lever, Moose skid plate, Works frame guards, Acerbis Pro Rally guards, Renthal MD-soft grips, Factory Effex graphics, YZ IMS seat base, YZ Factory Effex seat foam and gripper seat cover, YZ rear fender

Addicted - I'm not addicted. I just bought a motorcycle. Now I admit that I spend hours each day researching the best aftermarket parts to buy. Maybe I do come home and check ThumperTalk before I speak to my wife. Okay, I probably have spent a lot of money to replace brand new parts with "improved" aftermarket goodies. I know that I spend each weekend riding and then hours cleaning and adjusting my toy. But I am not addict - I may be in denial - maybe - but definitely not addicted.

[This message has been edited by Michael (edited 02-21-2001).]

(You have to picture us all in a room sitting in a cirlce taking it in turns to confess)

"Hi..I've come to the group therapy to confess that I am also a dirt bike-alcoholic"

(the room cheers and re-assures me that I've done well to be so open) hehe

My problem is though that I am selfish..and my blue baby thats worth so much money sits in the garage during the week and wife is complaining that I should sell it so we can do things to the house. Im not sure if I could go on like this. The the problem is that I go riding with the 'boys' on the weekends whilst she stays home looking after the kids. It's hard to get them involved all the time.. but im working through it.

I to gave up my WR200 6 years ago and now have the 2000 400. I to watch the country side pass by..picking the best places to leap like they do in crusty videos...I also have a problem of wanting to read every advertising sign or stupid NUMBER PLATES on CARS!

(whys everyone in my therapy class nodding their heads agreeing??) :)

I AM normal after all!!!!!... :)

OOoo OOooo Ooohh Yeah, power lines, long and rocky, twisty and rolly, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I see them everywhere, yup even in my sleep. I can do amazing tricks in my sleep. Endless wheelies, whoops with no arm pump, jump over mountains. If all I had to do was sleep and ride......Heaven!

The tight twisty cubicle trails are a blast. Mini-bikes prove to be quite dangerous as you can't see them coming, and they can't see you.

There are also a few stair climbs, nothin too challenging, just about anyone can make it up.

I try to make it to meetings at the top of my minute. Sometimes I am a little late, but I make a point to never be early, you get too much extra work that way.

The special test sections can be quite challenging. The VPs really roost through those sections, and it is best to stay out of their way.

There is an event every day of the week, but nothing on weekends. Fortunately I have big blue to get me through those.

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