If life were an enduro I would burn every check and then hour out anyway.

Don’t ask me how, but I can always find a way…

I guess we all have something incommon, whether we ride a YZ or WR we can't stand the times without our bikes. I'm totally in love with ThumperTalk. I have it set as my homepage I love it so much! I am most definately a Thumpaholic!


Livin the life in Port Huron, MI. I'm 15 with a 426!

YZ 426's suck!(all the air they can get)

THROTTLE JOCKEY......because all golf courses should be motocross tracks!

I like the comment about the tight twisty cubicle trails, I don't understand why nobody in my office relates!! I feel like I need hand protection in case my hands rub the cubicle corners when I'm hitting the berms hard!!

Hey Toxic in Port Huron, I grew up there and now live in Royal Oak, I ride with a few guys in Port Huron. Do you ride anywhere around town, or do you always go up north to ride?

I think this was one of the most interesting threads I've read yet. It all makes sense now. I've never ridden a dirt bike, just lots of street bikes 12 years ago. My wife thinks I'm nuts too. I bought a new 00WR400 2 Saturdays ago, and last week blew another grand on equipment, all fairly sane for a mid 30's guy. The part the wife hates is me walking around in my Fox Forma boots to soften them up, making my kids wear them for the same reason etc.. While there is still snow here for the nest 3-4 weeks I wait impatiently dreaming of riding, sitting on it, inspecting it, searching every local club on the net for riding spots, driving different routes home to find access to possible riding spots etc....,,, it's a sickness. Bloody thing is not even dirty yet and I clean it. I think when I rode it down the stairs because it's too cold in the shed though, might have put her over the edge. I'm starting to think she's right!!!!

way to cool!!

I also started last year when i bought my son a kdx 200 i found myself on it more than him. so i purchased my thumper last week and allready have a new white brothers pipe on it. i go nuts at work also thinking about it

(its 15 below here) I have a wallpaper pic of it on my computer.

I also work in a machine shop and was honestly thinking of sending my back brake lever and kick starter with some parts for a black anodize coating.

my wife is going nuts and my 5 year old is begging for one.

my name is also mike

and i am in heavon!!!!

We all need help. Help comes in the form of dirt. Our therapist has to wheels. I need lots of therapy and lots of help.

i was at a funaral on monday [yesterday]

and as the woman doing the reading had reflected on the deceased life in a very upbeat manor, she made a comment,,, ''ones life shouldnt be measured in years but the experiances and thrills we pack into those years''.....then she played some music.

i happened to look outa the tall window as i pondered those words, and saw a peacefull and tranquel woodland right out side,,,

i found that as i looked through the mist covered trees, and saw the birds,, and squirels i contemplated many things,,,,

"my own mortality",,,,,

"human frailtys",,,,,

"how short life is",,,,,

oh and what a great place to ride my YZF these woods would be,,,,,, but first i'd need to lift my forks in the clamps, queiten the white brose exhuast down a bit ,,, either fit a fly wheel wieght or play with the jetting,,,,,,etc etc,,

GOSH!!!! i need help

[ohh and a stearing damper would be good too]

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