Water Wetter??

Anyone use the Redline water wetter? Is it any good or should i be looking for something else? Ran my bike up in the mountains and she seemed to get a little hot so I thought maybe some of that and my new rekluse and a little better gearing and i should be set. Also I just cleaned my air filter and I used some k&n filter oil and plastered the crap out of the outside and then sqeezed but there was not much exsess?? Also I just did the outside should i do the inside?

I should have done a search before I posted it sounds like this stuff realy works so I give it a try.

...I hear it's good... :)

Also try engine ice coolant. I ran it in my 426 and now in my rmz450 and it helped with coolant overflow

I like engine ice better myself, pre-mixed and I have had better luck with it.

i just switched to water wetter and its working good so far

.... :) .... :D

I like engine ice better myself, pre-mixed and I have had better luck with it.

I agree.....but both are good products for lowering temps - :)

Engine ice is a coolant. Basically Deionized water with propylene glycol added for anti-freeze. The glycol serves as a surfactant in the mix.

Water Wetter is simply and additive. It is a surfactant, or in simpler terms a soap.

It changes the surface tension of the fluid and allows it to dissipate heat more efficiently.

Truth be known, a clean water (DI, distilled) and a small amount of surfactant like Water Wetter is probably the coolest fluid you could possibly run. However, don't forget the freezing temps in winter.

I hate paying the outrageous price for Engine Ice, as it is a very simple formula that can easily be repeated for far less.

I use 50% distilled water(1.50$ gal.at the grocery) /50% propylene glycol (7-8$ a gal) and a couple capfuls of Water Wetter.

Engine Ice works great for me and has for years. 1 bottle will last a very long time so don't let the price get to you. Look around.....you'll find it cheap at some places. :)

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