Spoke needed

Any of you here have a spare spoke laying around for a front rim 2002 yz426 that you dont need?? I lost one while getting my rims anodized.....Any help????? Thanks

False alarm......Was hiding in my wheel truing stand.....

...lucky guy!... :)

Yah no kidding..I was really bummed when I couldnt finish lacing my wheel and true it...All turned out well in the end:)

couple quick questions for ya and how you anodized.

how much did it cost?

what color?

how and what tool did you use to get the spokes off?

i want to get mine powder coated black with some gloss to help the mud come off, i need to knw the quick procedure for all this. I am new to owning my own bike so i am leaning as much as i can



I got them anodized in blue, costed me $50.00cdn for the hard anodizing,much more durable. I got quoted $50.00 to have them powdercoated black, I was gonna go with that option till I was told it would take 2-3 weeks to get them back....

To take the spokes off you need a proper fitting spoke wrench...If you are going to do it yourself pay carefull attention to how you are unlacing the rims and the order the spokes are to go back in...Lacing wheels arent rocket science but can be difficult if you dont study the process and count the # of spaces between spokes in a cross, and when tightening that you dont tighten on side of the rim too much and the other side to little, what I do is to fingertighten all the spokes and then once they are all in place,start to evenly tighten all the spokes in one 360degree spin of the wheel,you will have to do this at least 4 or 5 times till the spokes are tight. Be carefull to make sure that you are displacing wobbles buy tightening or loosening to opposite pull of the poke,so in other words if you find a wobble stop it at the point of the wobble and tighten the spokes that oppose the wobble to pull it back OR if the spokes are too tight loosen the tight a turn and see if the wobble pulls out that way......Hard for me to explain,is there anyone who has a how to guid from the net that can explain it better than I can??? Hope this helps....At least a little bit;)

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