would an automotive machine shop work on my head

one of the valve seats has about an inch section missing out of it. i need to have it replaced with a new seat, does anybody know if an automotive machine shop will do this.

A well equiped one should be able to handle it without a problem... :)

Too bad your not in my area, I'd take care of it here in my own shop...

As long as they have the proper tools for the job. A well equipped shop should be able to. BUT I would rather have some one who has done them on a regular basis working on my stuff. not somebody who just says "yeah we should be able to" Gets expensive if they break your head. but then again, if it's on them, they would have to replace it :)

But thats just me and my two cents

A side note:

The stock intake valves are hard faced. This is why they dish so bad. It would be a good idea to replace then and not have then reground. I went Stainless steel to fix this.

Replacing valve seats and doing a valve job is straight forward and any good mechanic will do the job right. Getting a good mechanic is the hard part, motorcycle or auto.

How did you lose the valve seat? Did it just brake? Must have done some damage on the way out?

somehow the valves we bent at some time when my friend had it, he could never get it running. new valves but old seats. how much you think this would run. by the way, we have a motorcycle shop in town but they are nothing but crooks and have a big bad reputation about screwing things up and ripping people off.

Depending On The Price Of The Seat The Work Shouldnt Run More 40 -50 Bucks Plus The Cost Of The Seat Most Shops Should Be Able To Look One Up By Size


really, a shop near me said around 100 bucks. i better go to another shop that i usually use on the stang and see what they would do for me. the seat is going to be a universal one, since i cannot find an oem from honda. they want 100 bucks for a timing chain. that is outragouse

New Honda Chain On Ebay For Like 20-30 Bucks Not Sure What You Have 500 Or 600

What Are You Working On Anyway

call xrs only we valve seats

call xrs only we valve seats

come again, what do you mean. this is an 83 xr500r with the RFVC head. it has to be a chain for an RFVC. and i will check that out.

valve seats shouldnt be that much between 3-8 bucks ,installations should be around 14 bucks and a valve job should be around 30-40 at the most

why thay want a 100 bucks i dont know you could get a 4 cyl. dohc valve job for that price sounds like they dont want to fool with it so the price it high

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