Yz 450?, 250? or 250 2 smoke?

Hey everyone right now i ride a ttr125l but im wayyy to big for it and im really busting it out because im doing doubles and tabletops and everything now so this bike isnt really holding to well on me and im afraid im ganna just bust it totally.

After blowing a rear tire at my local riding area my friends dad let me try his xr400 which is noice but very heavy and my friend was riding his 250 2 smoke. I would always beat him in a drag and stuff like that but thats because he sucks lol.

I tried the 250 and i liked it alot its really fast and the feeling is nice i loved it just opening the throttle and everything.

Anyways i got the 400 up to the top of 4th gear and it was nice n fast and i liked it but see i dont want to get a 125 2 stroke or a 250 4 stroke because well if i got the 400 up to 4th and loved it then the 250 and 125 are not going to be enough power for me.

So now im wondering which bike to get: Yz 450f, Yz 250f Or Yz 250

i need help :)

Like flashback_racer stated - You can not compare a XR400 to a YZ450F

If you are buying a new bike, get what you like. The YZ250 and the YZ450F are both great bikes - you can't go wrong.

If you are buying a used bike, I would lean toward the 2-stroke 250. If a 4-stroke is not taken care of by the previous owner, it can get costly

i would get the yzf450

yea well at my local dealer theres this kx 250f its a great bike nice blue rims new headers new valves new suspension new plastics new handlebars, grips theres tons of stuff on it and its only 4500 but if i trade in my ttr then the price becomes 2699 with taxes and everything.

so im thinking of getting that is it a good choice??

If you are going to get a thumper id suggester yamaha or honda. I have a buddy that has a kx 250f and i didnt like it. The main thing i dont like is the frame, it doesnt look all that strong. blue blue or red


the 04 kx250f had some issues (overheating,weak transmission,and sumthin else i can't remember) but they were fixed for 05,supposedly?

This ones like 2002 or 2001 or something like that

so its not worth it?

they dont make a 2002 or 2001 for that matter kx250f

well im not sure what year it is lol i just know its older

so what bike do you guys suggest?

i like to do big jumps, go really fast and well im learning tricks butttt its not really working out well lol

Just remember, If you look back at this years supercross season.........who won????? I beleive both titles were won by KX250F's. Now I am not supporting the green things but they must be fast. But an RMZ250 would be better because they are just better bikes.

the KX250F'S that won the 125 supercross classes this year are NOTHING like one you can buy. If you want to buy a KX250F and spend $!0,000 on it to mod it out...you may get close to the bike Ivan rode.

Don't let the factory boys sway you one way or another.....that is marketing 101.

The YZ250F is a very strong and solid bike. You will not be disappointed.

So if i buy that kx250f then it will take alot of money to fix it up and all?

remember its got tons of stuff already like new suspension and stuff.

im thinking of sticking to blue though i really like the yz250f

but im looking closely at the crf250 because i like the frame and how its all set up

See if you can test drive the KXF.That really sounds like a great deal to me.

I am really looking highly at the 125 2 stroke because ive been hearing lots of good things about them so far

i am buying used after all thats for sure

If you want power and something you won't outgrow than get a yz450f or a yz250 2-stroke. The choice between 2 or 4 stroke depends on your style and budget. You really have to be careful when buying a used bike, 2 or 4 stroke, you can end up droppin alot of green really fast to fix what someone else broke/covered up. Plastics are cheap, engine parts aren't.

yea but im thinking those might be a little to much power

im thinking a nicely modified 125 could do the job

or a 250 4 stroke would be good im not sure

im still looking highly at the 125

what kind should i get? like yamaha or honda

depends on the year but I would go with the yamaha. The power output of the honda's have been pretty sad over the last years. Hell, I had a '99 125 suzuki that was faster than them post 2k hondas. I hate suzukis. :) Any of the big 4 (or 5 if you count ktm) are producing great bikes, just make sure you check 'em all out REAL good and never buy anything you don't ride. Do some homework and look around, but other people opinions on what brand only go so far. You should buy the bike that feels best to YOU.

yea i guess your rite

yea im getting a yz 125 i made my decision

because after riding my friends 250 2 stroke omg it was heaven

but its way to fast for me i didnt even get out of second gear

i also like how the bike just totally pulls you like the power is amazing compared to my ttr

theres this nice one on buy and sell for 3000 i just gatta save up like 600$

wait !!! you weigh 185 and you want a 125???? Your crazy. Go with a bigger bike. You will thank me later.

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