Yz 450?, 250? or 250 2 smoke?

where did you get 185 from?

im like 130-140 in that range i havent weighed myself in a while

and yes i want a 125 2 stroke cuz my TTR 125 L is so cramped it gives me back pains

but im not sure is it worth it buying a 2001 yamaha yz 125

or will it like break down on me

because i dont have enough money to buy a 250f because they are like 4k used

and i only have 2200 at the moment

nolongergreen do u feel the 450 or a 426 which is what i would get is way to heavy for me im 140lbs and 6'

If the TTR was your first bike I'd say get 125cc 2-stroke MX bike. A 125 will force you to learn to use the clutch, and if you want to do freestyle tricks a lighter bike will be better. If you like off-road riding more get a KTM or Husky 125,

if you want to do MX/Freestyle more get a japanese 125 2-stroke.

If you learn to climb hills etc. on the 125, then you'll be a much better rider on your 3rd bike then you'd be if you just bought a big old thumper now. Thumpers make you lazy, as you don't have to shift or clutch as much. Plus the 2-stroke is more reliable.

I have 3 bikes, YZ450F, KTM525EXC, and a KX250. In my opinion the KX jumps the best (does have enzo), KTM is best for trails and the YZ is best all around, but not great at anything.

Oh, I wouldn't pay too much for you 2nd bike either as you'll probably dump it a lot more than the TTR as you will be trying to do things you just couldn't on the TTR.

Good luck,

The YZ450 is lighter and easier to start then the 426's. The 426 is green sticker legal in CA though. At under 160 I'd say most people would be faster on a 250F then a 450F.

If you can find one the KTM200SX is a great bike. You can also convert a 200EXC to MX use, but that costs more. ITs a 125 in weight and almost a 250 in power.

If I were you i would go with a 125 2 stroke...i ride my friends some times and its pretty quick...I'm about 170lbs 5'9" and its just a little to small for me....if you are 140 lbs and 6' tall it would be great for a second bike...you just have to test it before you buy it...those bikes are used for mx and the riders get them new and some dont take care of them so when they want a new bike they will sell it after maybe 2 seasons, and try to cover up whats wrong with it...engine parts aren't cheap to replace...so test one out and ask for receipts if they claim they have done a top end rebuild or something else...you will be able to tell if the piston or rings are no good if u test it..if you are not sure how to rebuild a 2 stroke motor, you may consider 4 stroke. If you are good with mechanics then your set. its not to complicated once you know what ur doin..thats my 2 cents...goodluck

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