WR Seat and tank

Is the seat and tank on the 03 WR different from the YZ seat and tank? I changed them on my 98 WR 400

I Have Just Completed A Swap Over From Stock Wr450 To The Yz. And You Do Have To Switch All Three. Tank,seat,shrouds....03 And 04 Yz And Wr Will Interchange,as Long As You Switch All Three. I Am Not Sure About The 05. Are You Thinking Of Switching Tanks???

I just want a larger tank and I am not sure if I will benefit from a YZ seat. It feals different than my 98 WR

So I Guess You Have A Yz And Want To Put A Wr Tank On Your Bike??????? I Have A 04 Wr Seat In Perfect Cond. A Tank In Perfect Cond. And A Brand New Set Of Shrouds That Are Still In The Plastic For Sale, All Together, Cheaper Than A New Stock Wr Tank. If Interested Send Me A Pm.

all u need to do is have the shrouds on the WR tank (WR shrouds) AND 'notch' the seat on the YZ.

That's what I did and it works fine.


here's a pic of my 98 wr400f converted to yz450f plastics..index.php?act=gal&code=01&img=1886

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