YZ426 Suspension suggestions

I keep hearing guys say that a suspension upgrade is the best thing for the money. I trail ride my 2000. I weigh 215 lbs. What upgrades should I do to make my bike handle better on trails?

Find a knowledgable suspension company or person in your area. He will want to know your weight with gear, intended riding, etc. He should measure the bike sag with and without you on it and respring it for your weight. Then revalve the damping circuits (compression and rebound) to suit your needs. You will notice a difference for sure. They will have many tips on how to alleviate many handling problems if you are specific in your questions. Money well spent . I believe the 426 was sprung for a 160-180lb person, but it was motocross not trails.

Thanks, I'll visit a local guy soon. Good idea.

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