??? 400 or 450 flywheel on 426 ???

I'm in the process of getting the parts together that I need to put a light on my 2000 YZ426 and There's a TT brother selling a WR400 and a WR450 flywheel. Does anybody know if either of these could be used for the conversion? Will it be out of balance, will either work with a wr426 stator, or for that matter will either one even mount up to the 426 crank?

Another thing is if I have to use a 426 flywheel, the stator I have has a specific part number for a 2002 WR426 and Yamaha also shows different part numbers for an '01 WR426 and an '02 WR426 flywheel as well. Do I have to run the 2002 flywheel to 'match' the stator?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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