Power Now - How's it work?

OK can some one explane the theory behind the power now carb inserts. Well I'm assuming they insert in the throat of the carb? From what I can gather there is one for the front and one for the back. Together they cost about $200 :D Now come on do they really work? That is a big chunk of change that I can think of many other things to spend it on. Now if there is some good theory behind it and it really makes a difference let me know but it kind of reminds me of something you might see on late night TV for your car :) . Don't get me wrong I'm not bashing the product but I need some hard facts about why it works. Thanks for any info ....

there is a single plate on the air filter side of the carby slide. When the carb is at low throttle settings there is an improved airflow over the needle (increaced velocity I believe) which results in a better mixture. If you have some spare time and want to save your $$$ make yourself a 'James Now' Does the same thing for less than $5 and a few hours of your time. I have not used a James/Power now myself so can't advise if it works or not, but the theory is good. I know some experienced engine builders who have done back to back dyno runs with no improvment, but other people have experienced gains, so who knows.

I was riding west higgens last weekend and stoped and talked to about 5 or 6 KTM riders. They all had 4 strokes, 400 and 520s. They told me about the power now and they were all runing them. They said they work great and loved them. They said it eliminated any hessitation at low rpm, like when coming to a corner and then taking off. They said it made a huge difference.


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