Monday Private Track Rental

Anyone interested in doing a Monday ride at Baggeland private MX track? Limited to 25 guys. $25 per person. If you have never been to Baggeland, it a great track. Many pro teams use it to train. Track is groomed and always in good condition. Track has a great sand section and a mini gravity cavity. There is also a complete sand track if you want to sharpen your skills in the sand.

State preferance of morning (9-1) or afternoon (1-5) ride. No date set yet, just trying to get a commitment of at least 20 guys. Let me know. If there is a lot of interest, we could do this on a regular basis.

what city is that tracked located in??

Baggeland is 20 minutes north of I5MX off the 138

Sounds like a good deal, but I'm way over here in Canada so I guess Im out. :)

Anyone Else?

I'm interested....can you give more details about the track? Pics, website, anything???


It's a private track that is being kept pretty close under the radar so as not to draw too much attention. We were going to do a big spread on our web site for it but got shot down.

The track is a good mx style track with three distrinct sections. From the fromt two doubles to the farthest corner is a good bit of tables and doubles and turns. Coming out of the farthest corner you hit a step up double, small double/table, a double/triple, slight left turn into another double. All of that on a pretty good flat out straight. It's fast and no major penalty if you miss something. After the straight there is a great sand turn that you can keep it pinned in third and lay the bike down in and rail. It's good deep sand and you just fly throuhg it. Then it's a straight into a single that drops off into a gravity cavity. As you come out you are into a good double. down a straight to a hugh bowl of sand turn. Best line is to rail the far outside/top of this bowl in third pinned. Now down another straight, tapped out in fourth to another hughe bowl/sand turn. Just a brake tap on the back brakes and you fly through that in third. Another straight to the last big turn and you're back up fron to the doubles section.

MX dicing turns and doubles/table, to flat out fast straight with some doulbes, to a great sand section. Lap times for the pro's is about 1:08's. Guys like me run 1:40's.

There is also a pure sand track that you can ride. It's a work out for sure.

A date has yet to be determined. Will know in about three days.

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