What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

Airline pilot based in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Aztalan cycle club member. Love to moto and Hare scramble in Dist 16 events.

Which one ??

Sounds like just the job for me :applause:

Neil. :applause::p :p

Neil, do you think you can comfortably handle a large fishing rod? :p

I live at Wheeling Cycle Supply and work on my bike!

Production Carbide Tooling Engineer for a company called Kennametal.

We used to use a lot of your products, still use some of your inserts, but have mostly swapped over to Sandvik (the local Kennametal folks were a pain to deal with and the Sandvick guy is super so the boss swapped over)

Anyway, don't hold it against me :applause:

BTW< I'm a machinest in a small shop that mostly deals with oilfield companies and large valves and such. Our largest lathe is a verticle with a 10 foot chuck, smallest has a 16" chuck.

I'm also a rider coach for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation in coordination with WYDOT.


Sandvik has replaced Kenna in alot of our applications as well...

(BorgWarner Turbo's)

Cost of inserts affects the bottom line. Trust me...

What's in a Name

Cabinet Maker in Oregon. I've been at it since the mid 70's. Taking Real Estate classes right now . I plan on working in Real Estate and running my cabinet shop at the same time . I'm not getting any younger and need to save the wear and tear on the bod so I can ride my DRZ400s, Cabinet Making is rewarding but those cabinets often weigh more than a dropped 400 in the mud.

Current favorite riding area Centeral Oregon desert, BLM roads are open and they go on forever. Plus I plan on riding this summer up at top of the Cascades around Cresent Lake, as I'm building two sets of Cabinets for two Cabins being built up there ( Pricey cabins I might add). The builder rides a street Legal KTM and he grew up there, he's going to show me all his huge riding area he rides often.

" If ya ain't sliding, ya ain't riding" :applause:

CATIA v5 operator aerospace. I have a hand on all the main structure framing and interior for the new Boeing 787. Betcha feel safe now when you hop on a plane?

Station Officer with a large metropolitan fire brigade for the last 23 years, 4 days on 4 days off, plenty of time for riding, Rhys.

Right now I'm working as an external auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Sweden. But soon I'm switching to our advisory department and will be working with M&A, corporate finance, valuation and strategy and performance improvement.

I always ride my DRZ to my clients and it's always fun to see the look on their faces. They're expecting a boring accountant in a grey suit, and I show up on the DRZ's back wheel in my leathers...


LEGO Toy Co.

i commute to work by riding the trails on the nice summer days...

can't beat it!



Need a rep in the UK ?

Neil, do you think you can comfortably handle a large fishing rod? :p

How large/powerfull does it need to be for a fish that is unlikely to be bigger then 35lb.

And if i'm in charge, will be landed on 8lb test.

Neil. :applause: :applause: :p

I am a landscape architect. I design 200 acre sports parks, multi-mile trail systems, and golf courses. 95% of my work is for Cities, Counties and Water Authorities.

I own an insurance agency. Spent 15 years in Aerospace composites before that. Just turned 45 and my kids are almost all growed up.. Woo hoo!

I'm a tech @ Triumph Detroit.

Just a lowly truckdriver running the northeast. I work a lot of hours, but my office has plenty of windows, cruises at 75 mph, and always has good music playing. I'll go anywhere as long as I get home in time for dinner :applause:

:applause: safe,


I own 3 retail furniture stores , about 7 miles apart from each other in Ft. Worth, Texas area so the 07 sm is an awesome way to scoot around town checking up on each of them.:p I LOVE being self employed! :applause: Do it yourself if you can! making up my own schedule is the best part.:applause:

Gynaecologists specialising in tubal ligation.


Gynaecologists specialising in tubal ligation.


...and I thought Dr's could spell... No wonder you can't read their writing! :applause:

FatBasdit - Forgive me, but is that ('Gynaecologists') Alabamese?

I own a Welding and fabrication shop and also do industrial maintenance around the south in paper mills,chip mills,chemical plants,etc.I fab anything from any metal material,enjoy fabbing racks for motorcycles,motorcycle trailers and anything to do with motorcycles.

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