Need pics of hotcams timing.


I´m about to install a set of hotcams. Does anyone have a picture of the cams and the dot allignment on the two?

Searched the forum, but all pics where timed out on the servers...

Just to make sure everything is turning allright..

Thanks :)

I am just about to put them in my WR426 and would love to see some pics too. I have searched as well and found no pics. Did your cams come with instructions??

Yes it did, and a lot of stickers... :D

I can scan it and mail it to you later today if you want. Just pm me.. :)

If you follow the manuals instructions, you can't go wrong. You have two dots, they're aligned 90 degrees out. The intake will have one dot up and the other facing rearwards aligning with parallel with you head. Your exhaust cam will have one dot up and one facing forward, again parallel with you head. Your cams won't be compressing your springs. Hot Cams recommends that you also check for coil bind, I've done two bike neither had coil bind. You'll need to measure your valve lash, I needed to change 4 of the 5 shims.


i installed the 426 exhaust hotcams like written before. One dot facing up and one dot facing forward. I´m not 100% sure its right because it is tough to kick the starter and far away from "kick it with your hands". On the other side the bike runs great and has plenty of power. If someone has a picture with the installed hotcams please send me. Thanks


I installed the cams like the manual shows. But my problem was that i could not turn the engine, because the valves would hit the piston. First i thought that it could be because of my 13,5:1 wiseco piston. I tried to install some smaller shims to start with, just to see if that would do the trick. It didn´t!! Then i searched the net again and found out that on a 450 cam you would need to rotate the exhaust cam one tooth in order to make it work. I tried that, and then i were able to turn the engine.. Hmm,,, then i tried to move it back again and i was still able to turn the engine... :)

So something must have popped up and misplaced itself. Everything is in place now and the engine runs great. Haven´t been on the track yet though, need to reshim it first. But it isn´t easy to jump it, you need to really put some weight on the kickstarter in order to turn it. I hope it is because it a lot out of valve spec.. So that the autodec can´t open the valve enough to let the pressure all out.. :D

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