WR/YZ426 Reliability

I'm looking a buying a 2001 model next week. There are a lot of used 2000 models for sale in my area (Alabama/Georgia) so I'm wondering if there are any reliability problems with this model or if it is just too fast for some people.

The 2000 model is the same as my 99 except for some frame geometry changes in an effort to make the bike turn a little quicker. I have not heard on any reliablity issues with the 2000 other than the carb slide plate cracking however; this has affected other years as well. My 99 is just fine. :)

I thought the carb cracking prob was fixed on the '00. The '00 also had a new carb, lighter suspension components, lighter swingarm, no "octopus", higher stator output, and a few other little goodies. The geometry was changed for quicker steering in '00. So I think there is a significant improvement here over the '99's. The '01 have an even new carb (problems found on the YZ426 forum with '01 carbs), ti valves, and larger displacement. All good things assuming the carb problems are fixed, will they should be since the problem seems to have been documented. I'm a little worried about Ti valves holding up after prolonged use, maybe nothing to worry about.

BTW, the 2000 models really havn't had known problems except a few and far between who's trannies died very early--2-10 miles after new. Also the throttle cable tends to bind and wear quickly-after about 500 miles they should inspected/replaced.

Bottom line is either the 01 or 00 should be great. Either save some cash and buy a nice used one, or drop the dough for the latest and greatest--and know the seat/tank/pipe are going to be needed. Also many folks swear by the steering damper, more $$. In the end the 01 should be quicker and more torquey, albeit more expensive. Good luck

Good luck

Sure, a new WR is let's say $6000 after fees. Add on seat/tank/pipe and you're easily at $7000 (you'll add more goodies I'm sure) + tax. Or just buy the cleanest, most accessoryied '00 and save some cash in the process. Maybe the jetting will be worked out, not like stock. I've seen them for $3900-$4800 depending on condition/parts.

just look at the spic list between 2000 and 2001..

check thing in the motor that they have changed..

I would say them things they had problems with..

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