W.B. e series, wide open

I've just been given a 2001 xr650r BRP uncorked, my first real dirt bike and its a little slice of heaven. I live in Baja mexico and the places to ride are endless with very little restriction....including sound.

I dont know much about bikes, so any help would be great.

I have a white brothers e series fitted. It has 12 fins and a spark arrestor. I have just removed the spark arrestor so its wide open. Its really loud, which I dont mind at all.

Will this give me more power ( i was told ) ?

Is it bad for my BRP ?

Should I leave the Spark arrestor on ?????

Thanks, i feel like Im a member of the elite :)


Keep the rubber side down !

being wide open is usually detrimental to power gain ... the back-pressure enables the engine to pull more gas/air mixture into the combustion chamber ... and YES, re-install your spark arrestor ... eventually you will find yourself riding in an area that is fire-prone ... spark arrestors help prevent forest fires, and save lives and property ... also, if you ever ride into a USFS area without one, you will get well-deserved penalties, and probably have your bike impounded ... ride responsibly .. :)

Lot's of guy's run the "E" without the back plate. You will still have more then 5% back pressure that you need. Most leave the 12 disks there, they don't do anything any more but, make a meaner sound. The back plate has to be on to be a spark arrestor. If the bike was jetted with the back plate on and now you run it off, your jetting will have changed a tad bit leaner.

Sorry, "GiVen" that just freaked me out :)

"I was given a XR650R in Baja Mexico"

After someone just said, they had there's stolen?

I am sure you didn't steal it or that it was stolen but, that just makes you think it was when you say "given", You might just have a ton of guy's wanting to look at your bike. :D

:) I see your point, maybe I should explain myself. I have a very good friend who Lives in texas, They have a holiday house in Cabo. He bought 2 XR650r to keep down here. However he does not get down much due to buisness and is also tired of Kicking the BRP. Not that I find it a problem at all.

He has just bought himself a new 450x and loves the electric start !

You know whats going to kill you. He is selling the other in excellent condition with after markets,uncorked, for a $1000 to a friend. He picks it up on Monday :)

Dont worry, we have all the paper work.

Thanks for the info, I will put back my spark arrestor. If there is any other info that you think wise to pass on please feel free. :D

One last thing, I really do feel spoiled to be given a bike, but I wouldnt kick a gift horse in the mouth.


Here are two web pages that will get you going on all you need to know about your new pig.

The Pig Pen Click Here: :)

Eric runs it and one of the pages has an interactive picture that you can click on each part for info, real cool :)

Then there is my site that is manly about adding to the XR650R

All About The XR650R Click Here: :D

It has pages about Suspension, More Horsepower, Video's and pictures

Between the two you can find links to all the othere sites you need to go to :D

Many thanks

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