Hook Up

Hey Gents

Anybody tryed the trails tires with any success. I herd rumors that people

were getting good traction with this set up but no facts.How about it anybody.

My son and I ride mostly So. Cal. 05 WR 450

We use them at Carnegie in th summer (rocks and roots) they work great in slow straight line stuff just dont try to carry any speed on fire roads and shch.

what brand did you use

I ran the Michelin X11 front and back last year for a month including a week in Moab. Never again. Great traction like riding on gummie bears! Useless in sand, mud and absolutely dangerous at high speeds. Not worth the trade offs compared to the performance of good knobbies. :)

I have a few miles left on the stock dunlops, I was just looking at the options out there. Ill stick to the knobbies. thanks

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