Is my rebound too stiff?????

:) I over jumped a huge table...AGAIN, 2 weeks in a row :D It used to be a triple but they filled it in because too many people were getting hurt by coming up short. Anyways I've done it now 2 weeks in a row. Last week I ate S#$!t hard. I flatlanded and got thrown over the bars hard, immediately :worthy:

I did it again last night, but I know how to crash now from experience so the pain isn't as bad:eek:

I just got my suspension back from a Race Tech rep out here. I only had them service my shock and put in lighter springs on my forks and shock. I just went down the next ones from stock.

I know I'm over jumping because I'm going alot faster now since I can settle the bike in turns and I'm not all over the place existing. I can actually pick a line and hold it now :) So what do you guys think about being thrown over the bars, before my suspension would just bottom if I flatlanded something hard. Is the rebound to quick and thats why I'm goin for a ride :D Or Am I an idiot and going over the bars is normal when you over shoot stuff :D

...sometimes... :)

Most of the time when you over shoot a landing like that your gonna go for a ride, matter what. Its just the force of the bike comming down on impact. When it does that your suspension will re-bound fast. You really can't get away from it, just learn how to land on the landing ramp.... If you slow your re-bound down to much your gonna notice a loss in performance around the rest of the track.


It sounds more like you're coming up about a half bike short and landing with the front wheel over the edge and the back wheel up on the table. That'll chuck you over the front most of the time.

another thing to remember is that the rebound will play a bigger role in hitting smaller jumps, going over bumps, and just general riding and things of that nature, if it kicks up to much on those things then you would want to adjust it - i wouldnt adjust the rebound for what your describing unless you find that the above is happening as well - then just dial her in

Yeah I'm thinkin its my stupidity and no suspension changes are gonna help that :) Feels great on the rest of the track, we'll see what happens this Thursday. Maybe three in a row :D:)

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