650L Rim Question

I just got back from an early ride and was cleaning and checking out the beast. My rear rim seems to have worked loose at the spokes (Possibly Stretched) These are the OEM 1994 spokes, rim, etc. I am thinking about replacing with a newer take off or something. Are Excel's worth the money for a 650L.

Any Idea's


Anybody out there got a good rear rim they don't need?

are your rims allready alluminium? if they are you might not notice that much difference besides the strength. if your rims a steel then you wil notice a consideral increase in acceleration.

Rim is Alum. OEM

Rim does not appear to be bent. What about relacing with new spokes and nipples?

Anybody have any experience?

The factory rims are D.I.D. rims. I had the same problem with my 94' last year but I found them when I broke 3 spokes at 70 mph and shoved 2 through the tube and one wrapped around the brake rotor. I bought the heavy duty spokes from Buchanan spokes and rims. I laced them my self then let the local shop true the rim. Keep the rim and just buy better spokes.


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