I think I need a XR600 steering stem....

I've been working the forks on my '87 XR600 and think I found a big problem.....the threads on the steering stem are almost non-existent. I can only get the nut to engage a few threads. The nut is fine. When i bought the bike I found that the steering stem bearings where almost ground to dust, I replaced them and noticed that the threads were sparse, but it seemed to work ok. Not anymore. There is not enough material left on the stem to try to re-thread.

Anyone have a steering stem from a '85-'87 XR600 that they need to get rid of?


I've got one from a 1988 cr500, I think it's the same part. Call a honda shop and see if the part #'s are the same.


I checked the service honda parts diagrams......the part #'s are different. 53200-MK2-000 for the '85-'87 XR600; 53200-KS6-700 for the '88 CR500.

In fact they show a different steering stem for almost every year the CR500 was in production.

Don't know if they are really different...they use the same upper and lower bearings, the dust seals are the same part # and so is the nut. Are they the same length, fork diameter and offset? Don't know.

they are the same diameter, but the offset is different. You would have to press out the stems and switch them.

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