break in how long?

HI all this is a great site just bought a wr450 6335 otd :D it is sweet havent done all the mods just gray wire and snorkel. here's the question how long is the breakin period I've run almost 2 tanks of fuel throug it.and what shoud I do after it"s broke in maintance wise :)

Make sure you change the oil ASAP and clean the air filter

If you havent already done it, it's due for fresh oil and filter. Stick with mineral oil for a bit longer yet.

it's not so much how long you break it in for, but how you break it in.

You should now be using 1/2 throttle to about 6K RPM. Loading the engine up is good for the ring seal, but don't lug it! I break my engines in progressively, increacing rpm gradually. This is my opinion. I've built about a dozen engines, and broken them all in this way and never had a problem.Breaking in a WR is easy cuz you dont have to rev the ringhole out of it to have a good time.

Someone will reply, instructing you to change the oil and filter and hold it flat. This may work fine, but may not. Just ask yourself how long you want to keep your bike for.

Maintainance : if you do nothing else, keep that air filter clean. Ti valve engines + dirt = $$$$$$. I do oil and filters every 5 hours. Check valves about every 20 hours in the bikes early life, but drop that to 10 hrs when she gets a bit tierd.

The correct method for breaking in a motor is the automotive equivalent of the global abortion debate...quite the hot button :) . I don't think babying the engine along is necessarily the best way. I think Hamish may be a bit on the conservative side, but to each, his own. This is the method I follow with great power and reliability results...

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