Just bought a 2001 YZ426, what maintenance should I do?

Hi, I just bought a 2001 YZ426 from someone local. Anyways, it seems like the bike was taken care of well enough, the motor runs strong, just the fork seals were blown, and he neglected the forks, we're getting them serviced at a shop to be safe.

Anyways, what should I check or fix on the bike first? I haven't done any motor inspection yet, since I just got a Clymer manual today. Anything I should watch out for and be careful of? Thanks.

change the oil

and check all fasteners

then ride it for a while then take it to a shop and check the vavles or do it yourself

I'd check the valves asap, then check them again after about 10 hrs riding. This will let you know if they are on the move or not. I'm just in the process of replacing the valves in my 01 WR. The gearboxes die quite often in the WR's due to pavement use, but unless your bike has done had motard use you shouldnt have that problem. Then all the other stuff you need to do when you buy a 2nd hand bike like lubeing the steering head , swingarm and linkages etc etc.

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