For those that didn't know

I have had a hard time with the change from the old TT forum lay out.

I liked seeing the pictures in the posts and lots of posts at the same time.

I found after all this time I can set my options to see forty posts at once and the pictures in those posts at the sametime. The pictures are a little smaller so they load a lot faster. No more clicking on each link hoping it's a picture I want to see. I get to see them all.

The changes can be made in the "Control Panel"

I know most of you guy already knew this and thought it was funny I wasn't seeing all the are cruel and should be sent to your room without dinner :)

baaa thanks didnt know this either lol D'OH maybe i should look around more

Your not gonna share this new found info......... :)

I guess I'll go off and discover myself....... :D

be careful going that 'self-discovery' route ... I tried it once, didn't like what I found ... :):D


Thanks BWB. I'm new to TT and have had trouble finding stuff. This info is much appreciated! Nice of you to take the time to pass it on.

Go to user control --> Edit Options <-- clicking there might work?

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