'99 WR 400 jetting problems

When accelerating with WOT in 3th, 4th en 5th the engine has a slight difficulty (hesitation) to rev up from med. revs to high revs. To rich , to lean ?

Temp. : 20°C, hight : 0 ft

!!! Checked my settings : MJ 168 PJ 45 Clip :#3 DTM needle

Throttle stop removed, Air Filter Cap Removed, YZ exhaust

To lean ???????

[This message has been edited by Ynahg (edited 02-27-2001).]

too rich if it spits every 1-2 seconds.

if it vibrates it's too lean.


Probably lean with stock jetting, try a bigger main jet.

You shouldn't get an answer when you don't post your jetting :)

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