YZ Cam & Jetting

I've got a nice new YZ exhaust cam I was gonna throw in my WR just for giggles, but I was curious about its effect on the jetting. I was told by Rob Barnum of Barnums Pro Products that the YZ cam makes jetting the WR much easier. He didn't go into details because his cellphone cut out, so I thought I'd ask you knowledgable folks. I've got my bike dialed in to just about perfect, so you can understand my concern. :)

Also, when installing the YZ cam, it just like the WR exhaust can, right? At TDC, I just line up the punch marks with the top of the head and it's all good. Muchas gracias to all...SC

Cam should in stall with the marks as per WR instructions. Start with the JD jetting kit an you will be very close with his recommendation. JD recommendations tends to be a little rich for a modded WR. :)

clark, is it a factory cam or from a company like hot cams? I have instructions for installing a 03 YZ450 ex cam in a 02 wr426 (for the auto decompress update) and it states to install the cam one tooth to the left or it won't run. PM me and I will send them to you if you think they will help.

It's an '05 OEM cam going into an '05 WR. There shouldn't be any difference in the installation procedure over the stock cam, I would think...SC

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