Valve adjust intervals YZ426

How often typically does one need to adjust valves on a YZ426? I've got maybe 40 or 50 hrs since the last adjust and it's acting like it needs it again, popping at high rpm's and very little compression when it's cold.

you are due. I always checked mine about every 25-30 hrs although I only shimmed them once in 2+ years.

What normally happens is that they will go for a very long time without needing an adjustment at all (my 450 hasn't needed one yet). After the first one, it may go for another very long time, or some far shorter interval, or something in between, depending on how much wear there was. The valves are coated with an extremely hard Ti Nitride that takes a long time to wear through, but the titanium underneath is still not as hard as steel. When the coating wears through, the valve wear accelerates, and it's time to replace them.

I've had my 01' since new and I've checked many times, but haven't needed an adjustment yet. Wish I could ride every week like some of the guys on here then maybe they would have needed it by now. :)

Bumping this thread to make it current again and asking you mechanics out there what the normal charge for a 426 valve adjust should be. I want to stay with my favorite mechanic but I'm wondering if his shop manager is shooting straight. Before they did the work they said it should run between $90 and $120, the lower figure if no adjustment and the higher would include shims. When I went to pick it up he says the "book" indicates it should really be $180 and will be next time. What's up with that? What's it supposed to cost?

not sure what you labour rate is over there but if the bike is supplied clean (spotles under the tank, frame rail etc) and no adjustment is required, it should be able to be done in about 1.5 hrs. If shims need to be changed, make it about 2 - 2.5 hrs.

I was quoted $170 here in the Bay area - where everything is more expensive.

That robbery! I'm sure it would cost about the same her in So Cal too.

Find a buddy who knows what they're doing and have them give you a hand the first time. Its easy and to pay $170 is hard to swallow.

$10 feeler gauges

$100 for Torque wrench (in inches)

A free manuel (look under Misc) and look under "Engine - Adjusting YZFs Valves" for directions.

Take some time on a rainy weekend and then you will know how it is done.

I check mine every 50 hours or so.

If you go ahead and take your tank and shrouds off before you take it into the shop they may knock your labor rate down by 30 mins or so too. Shops want about $70/hr here which is why I normally do the work myself. If you open it up and don't think you can adjust them, maybe then you could take it in to the shop?

$100 for Torque wrench (in inches)


Might be worth it if you're starting a career in M/C repair, but to work on your own bike, try $30 or less for a quality 1/4" flex beam wrench from Craftsman or Proto. It will fit under the frame without extensions or adapters, too. Heck, you can even buy a Blue Point off the Snap-on truck for half of a hundred or less.

I like that allways a possitive guy!!

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