Different idle problem

My bud got his 97 xr600r 650 kit installed with cam (dont know cam stage) from I believe thumper racing. Bike seems to stall easily . and if stopping to chat or what ever , the engine will stalls after about 10 -20 seconds. Idles really good and smooth too. Then coughs once and stops. Anyone else have same problem ? I loaned him my stock carb which worked fine when I took off my bike , because I have a QS now , but still stalls on his bike . BTW He changed pulse generator and no difference.

bump :)

He is having a lean stumble. You need to get more fuel in at idle. I had a 96 that did the same thing. The only semi cure I found was raising the needle all the way up. I could not make it rich enough with any pilot jet changes and I tried a lot. It made the bike a real PITA as it would stall at street lights (dual sported) with no warning. I eventually sold it and got the 650R. No more problem. I am thinking that a power now or a torque vane might help with the problem too. It would speed the air up over the venturis pulling a little more fuel. Might just work...

Miker , That is what I say too . Bud did increase pilot jet .(problem stayed the same) But wouldn't bike idle wierd if to lean? . It idles good now untill it cough/stall. Also stock carb at 1/2 choke would change something . wouldn't it ?

Lean is mean so it will idle fine. move the needle clip down(moving needle up) to make idle richer. it may help him to get a dyno jet kit which has a tapered needle allowing a richer condition. i think that Honda might sell one too but i dont have a # for either.


But does needle even do anything at idle ?

But does needle even do anything at idle ?

I would say no but it made my bike stop coughing and dying.

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