Lighting On a 91 XR600

Hi all,

I really could do with some help here, I own an XR 600 which has been converted for UK road use and under UK legislation it has to conform to a road safety test annually (MOT) which it failed due to very weak lighting and in honesty the lights are very dim, I have checked wiring and all apperas to be ok but was told that it could be due to a weak generator.

Generator is kicking out 2.4volts which to me does sound weak.

can anybody shed some light (bad pun) on giving me some help?

Many thanks


sounds to me like you need to have your stator rewound.

Sorry, but I don't know of anyone in the UK that can do it, I would suggest calling around to motorcycle repair shops, etc to see if they can do a rewind.

Thanks Supplicate will look around for a local rewind centre.

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