Im out of here!!

Well guys I wasn't looking for a new bike. But a friend due to problems at home has to sell his new (only rode 1 time) 2005 CRF450. Its a deal I cant pass up. So my 99 YZ400F will be going up for sale in a week or so. That also means I wont need to come in here anymore. Thanks for all the information and your help. See you guys around. Rob :)

Dude great deal! With all the extras on your YZF it should sell quickly. Can't wait to ride again, I'm going to try to send my suspension off this week and hopefully be back in the saddle again soon! Got to get some ride time in, only about 7-8 months until I'm on baby duty!!! Let me know how it ride at the Indian track if you head out there on Monday.

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