where'd my oil go?

Just wnet out to check the oil in my 2003 WR450 and nothing is on the dipstick? Where did the oil go? :)

If you check the oil cold, it'll be "empty".

Start the engine, run it until it's warm, shut it down, wait about 5 minutes, then check it.

The oil will magically reappear :)

Seriously... it's a dry-sump system. The oil is contained in a reservoir in the frame. When you kill the engine, the pumps stop, and the oil slowly drains back into the engine case. When you start, the two oil pumps start again and evacuate the case, pushing all of the oil back into the frame. The primary oil pump draws oil from the frame and feeds it to the engine. The scavenging pump runs faster, and draws oil from the case, feeding it back to the frame.

My buddy had a wr for 3 yrs before I bought one. He had never read the manual about checking the oil. He always thought he was burning oil, until I read that in the manual to him. When in doubt read the manual!!!

Well... if he kept adding oil every time he checked and it was low, he WAS burning oil... or spitting it out the breather :)

As long as you check it after you have run it for a few minutes. My buddy would check his after sitting for a few days and it would always be low.

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