2005 450F help..

just got a slightly used 2005 YZ450F, did not however get the owner's manual yet, would like to know how many CC's of oil it takes with a complete change including filter and is there only ONE drain plug (under the skid plate??) :) thanks for the help!

Wiith or without the filter a nice even quart usually does the trick. Pour in most of it and then run the bike for a minute and check the dipstick. Then add the rest if needed.As far as draining the oil there are two place to drain from. first warm the motor up so the oil will flow nicely and all the contaminents are supended in it. First drain from the bolt located on the lower front of the frame just behind the fender (be ready because it will shoot out pretty good. Secondly drain from the bolt on the bottom of the motor. You wont get a much out of there. Once done add your new oil and filter.

1.1L with a filter, 1 even without.

Read: http://www.thumperfaq.com/oil_change.htm

The page is for a 250F, but the procedure for the '03 and later models is exactly the same as for yours.

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