I'm Lookin for some YZ426 info


I've decided to sell my yz125 and get a more powerfull bike. I was thinking just to get a yz250 for a while until I heard some people at a hare scramble I ran in start talking about their 2001 yz426. So I thought I would maybe get some info on a thumper. I have never really considered one until now. Which is probably a good thing because I ride everything including trails and the 2-strokes just don't cut it on the trails (not to mention the neighbors don't like it either :) ). But I was just wondering how they perform and the main maintenance problems you guys know about them. I was looking for a 2001-2003 model because this is what I will be able to afford. Also How do they hang with the 250 2-strokes power wise. I mean I do hare scrambles and I don't want to get wasted. But just let me know what you know.


All were good bikes, 01-02 were very solid and bug free 426 models. 03' starts the 450 model, also very good (lighter than the 426). Power wise you'll spank the 2-stroke 250's. They're not quiet like XR's either, so if you ride in sound limited areas then also consider you'll need some sort of quiet muffler (end cap add-on, FMF Q-series, etc..). Common complaints from the trail guys are tall first gear, boiling radiators when the going gets very slow and abrupt power delivery. Search here and you'll find easy remedies for all of these. Maintenance is comparable to 2-strokes overall. Less top end rebuilds, but you'll have to change the oil more often and check/adjust valve clearances. Overall I'd call it a wash maintenance wise. If you're offroad only then also consider a WR. Hope this helps, I'm sure the trail guys will kick in with more info.

The 426 is great motorcycle. The intro of the YZ450 knocked the prices of used 426's down more than it should have, so you can get one for what really is less than they're probably worth. The 450 is a much more focused MX machine. Lighter, higher strung, quicker. The 426 is more versatile, and like 'Thump said, you can do a lot to them and with them.

I made the move from a 2000 KTM 125 to my 02 YZ426 in June of 02. I had the chance to ride a friends bike (02 YZ426) one day while we were at the track and I was blown away by how many laps I could ride before getting tired compaired to my 125SX. I realize we are talking "apples vs. oranges between the to models but, I never thought I could go faster and longer on a big bore thumper vs. the 125 until I gave it a try. I still own and enjoy my 02 YZ426. I try to ride or race with a couple of vet MX clubs here in So. Cal two to three times each month and my bike has been stone reliable. If you have the chance to try one, do it, It may not be the bike for you. As for me, I'm sold. :)

Good luck!

Power wise you'll spank the 2-stroke 250's.

:) I disagree.

I too made the switch from 2 stroke to a thumper. My hare scramble race bike was a kdx 200. I loved that bike for what it was built for but now that i'm not racing much anymore i felt the need to go for a thumper. Now i ride an 01 yz 426 and love it even more than the 200. i'm planing on doing some re-gearing to make it more woods friendly but i'll never go back to mixing my gas again.

Power wise you'll spank the 2-stroke 250's.
:) I disagree.

Satch: Some how I just knew you would say that :D:)

Any why, back to the point at hand.


I have an 01 YZ-426 that I've put all the trail stuff on.


1. 12oz. flywheel weight.

2. 52 tooth rear sproket.

3. WR seat and tank.

4. 18" rear wheel.

What I've ended up with is a woods weapon that is the best bike I have ever owned. I'm not saying that a 2-stroke won't measure up to what my 426 can do but for my riding style the 426 is the bike to have.


i ride a lot of dezert and i used to have a 98 suzuki rm 250 and i thought that was fast until i bought my 2001 yz 426 holly shit i weigh only 130 pounds and i can get it to wheelie in every gear until i re geared the sprockets for my dezert riding i do but i will never go back to a 2 smoke

i had a 2000 yz426 and was so sorry that i sold it. had to due to financial problems a couple of years ago. Wanted to buy another one. no one had any for sale in the area thats why i picked up the 450....

...i've had a lot of bikes in my life, but my all time favorite is still my '01 YZ426F.... :)

Satch: Some how I just knew you would say that :):D

You know it Boyd! :)

Check your PM's

whats the remedy for the abrupt power delivery??? I need to cure that on mine?

Work out with Ahhnold. :) Or get a flywheel weight. Or gear it up some. I had a flywheel weight on mine and pulled it off when I did my Rekluse clutch. Never looked back. Guess I got comfortable with it.

whats the remedy for the abrupt power delivery??? I need to cure that on mine?

First...before you buy flywheel weights or auto clutches....install the 450 autodecomp cam. It makes the powerband smoother and more '"linear". Also the cam makes the bike easier to start (no drill) , allows you to bump start it and also makes the bike less likely the chug to a stall.... (less compression braking).

Power wise you'll spank the 2-stroke 250's

:) I disagree.

Disagree all you want, here are the facts:

250 2-stroke vs 450 4-stroke dyno by Dirt Rider magazine

I don't think I have to tell you which group of curves represents the 4-strokes (hint: it's group that is way above the other group). :D:):D

I am not even touching that. I hate 2 vs 4 stroke arguements. But thanks for going to the trouble of scanning and posting that...I feel so educated now.

Just adding my experience (since I have not only ridden but OWNED both types of bikes within the last 5 months).

BTW...he was asking about 426's....which won't spank a new 250... I promise you that...

I've got a 426 dyno sheet here somewhere but I have no idea where.... I think burried in my magazine pile somewhere.. The 426 was not that much behind the 450's and is still ahead of the 2-stroke 250's if my memory is correct. Especially at the lower RPMs. Ride what you want, 2-stroke or 4-stroke, I really don't care; I'm just answering a question.

I hear ya....but I can tell you...handling, turning, acceleration and FUN factor have to be taken into account when comparing bikes. I loved my 426..it was a great bike. I never realized how much energy it took to ride though...until I switched bikes.

whats the remedy for the abrupt power delivery??? I need to cure that on mine?

you pansy :D i love the power more fun! :)

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