2006 Changes???

I was told that the 06 models would have aluminuim frames...Is this true??? if so what other things does yamaha plan to do to this yz450f? :)

Right now, no one knows for sure.

Arent the 06 models comin out in august??...and should i wait for the 06 models to come out or just go ahead and get one

the 06s are going to have the aluminum frame. if your serious about racin then i would wait but if your not racin where you need the best bike then i would just get it now.

I hope you are right....I rode a brand new 05 CRF yesterday....all I can say is that is one sweet dirt bike....it turns, it handles, it has plenty of go juice and the suspension is sweet out of the box....only problem is that it is RED :)

The 05 flat out blows every 02-04 CRF away - if they could just be maintained like a YZF - it would be the "perfect out of the box dirtbike".... :)

Seriously, Yam has some work to do for 06 to make it better than the 05 CRF - I just can not imagine how much better the 06 honda can be than the 05....I would assume no real changes for the CRF for 06.....???? :D

It is refreshing to think that I may not have to invest 3-5k to make my YZF "my perfect dirt bike" again...... :worthy:

Hopefully at the dealer show in June they will announce the 06 YZF changes..... :D

then I will decide where to go from my 03........ :D

Awsome...Its been a hard choice..honda or yamaha...i guess ill just go with whatever either one is prime i say

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