wr400 gytr jettin?

I have a completly stock wr400f that i plan on "unplugging" I ordered the gytr? exhaust insert and am going to do the throttle pin, cam chain, and grey wire tricks. Does anyone know what the proper jetting is going to be for the bike. Thanks a lot Ed

whats up ed. check out the June issue of dirt rider. it should be on news stands now. they came up with a 48 pilot jet, a 168 main, and a 68 air. they made a change to the air box that you didn't mention so those might not be exact.

Hey thanks a lot for your help. I havent pulled my nose out of the june dirt rider since i got it. i cannot believe i missed that one. the 400 doesnt have a battery and it looks like it can breath pretty well and still stop the big dirt chunks from going into the air box. so i am prolly going to leave it. thanks for the help ed

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