91 XR600 stator

can anybody tell me if an XL600 stator will work ok in a XR 600 91 model.

Looks like mine is dead and been offered a i seized XL600 motor.

Have noticed that XR600 has 3 wire stator compared to the 4 wires on XL600 stator.

Many Thanks


The XL600R has an extra wire coming from the stator because it has two extra charging coils for the battery. If your XR6 is indeed a '91 model, it will have the rear disc brake, cartridge forks, bigger shock and a full-pole (coils right around) stator and a different stator cover to the earlier models . The earlier XR6's was a half-pole unit (which was a bit troublesome) and is different to the "91 on versions, and I'm fairly sure the XL one would work on these models, you just wouldnt connect up the wire coming from the charging coils.

yes it is the rear disc model and have been looking into getting stator rebuilt but its pricey compared to the offer of this bottom end (£20) many thanks for the help and hopefully this will work!



YesI think it does work.

Guys in australia were fitting up XL stators to get some more wattage

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