What to beat or get beaten by

About that Husaberg: The chain being on the wrong side I could live with, but that kickstart being on the left....that just ain't gonna cut it. I'll stick with my pigs.

They all have electric start :)

This might be hard to beat in a drag :D:):D

ATK700 Intiminator :worthy:

The left side kick is a piece-o-cake... I can do it sitting in the saddle. But of course, you never need to with the "button"...

Now the 450's :D

I thought a thread with all the bikes we look at to compare to would be cool. Just click on the link to find a write-up or spec's. NOT THAT ANY BIKE COULD AT ANY TIME BEAT YOUR BELOVED BRP! :D Even if you are sick and it's got a flat! :)

CRF450 Click Here: :)


CRF450X Click Here: :D


WR450F Click Here: :worthy:


YZF450 Click Here: :D

KTM 450 EXC Click Here: :D


If you are not seeing the pictures go to the control Panel and you can change your settings to see them. You can also change the order so you can see the newest post first, instead of scrolling down everytime. Go to user control --> Edit Options <-- clicking there might work?

KTM = :)

Adventure 950:


F 650GS


R 1150 GS

(image too huge to post, so i'll link)

click here

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